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About the Center for China Farmer Cooperatives(CCFC)

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 Introduction of CCFC

The development of farmer cooperatives is one of the key practices related to the transform of rural micro-economic basis in China. In the past 30 years, farmer cooperatives in many provinces have experienced revolution and upgrading. As the coming into practice of <Law of Farmer cooperatives> and the deepening of rural revolution, even faster development and transmutation of farmer cooperatives, mainly in the form of farmer specialized cooperative, is being delivered, which immensely influences agricultural economic development and rural social governance. In such a background, academic and research institute of farmer cooperatives began to arise in China.
Zhejiang province is one of the provinces where farmer cooperatives appeared earliest and where farmer cooperatives have best performance. Besides, the first specialized law of farmer cooperatives in mainland China was put into practice in Zhejiang province. CARD (China Academy of Rural Development), a research institute belongs to Zhejiang University, has produced great influence on researches in “Agriculture, Rural Areas, Farmers” problem. Zhejiang University is one of the top universities in China. There is a group of scholars specialized in research field of farmer cooperative and a plentiful quantity of research results is achieved, which has significant impact on national academy field both in theory and practice.
To better report the experiences of farmer cooperatives and further promote the theoretical level and practical development of cooperatives, a specialized research institute, named CCFC (Center for China Farmer cooperatives) and belonging to CARD, was founded in 2008.
Director: Prof. Huang Zuhui (Dean of CARD).
Executive director: Prof. Xu Xuchu.
Deputy Director: Prof. Guo Hongdong.
Others members: Professors, Doctors, PhD candidates, etc. of CARD whose research field is farmer cooperatives
Mission: To provide with theoretical support and practical guideline in the development of farmer cooperatives and to enrich world cooperative movement with time characteristics and China Chapter.
Vision: To help the development of farmer cooperatives in each land of China and to leave footprint in each chapter of cooperative movement related to China.
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Finally, communication, discussion and cooperation are all more than welcome!
                            China Academy of Rural Development (CARD)
                             Center for China Farmer cooperatives(CCFC)
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